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To summarize; Sync hasn't changed who he is at his core, a young man. This means there are certain things to expect.

He likes girls, has problems with formality, and speaks his mind, regardless of who doesn't like it.

What he's stopped doing is acting like the world owes him something since he didn't ask to be born. While he can't quite admit it's a gift, Florian and Anise, along with the rest of their group as finally brought him around to the fact he's his own person and that he does have a life that needs living instead of lamenting his birth. Now his feelings of occasional inadequacy stem from the fact he's taken the role of Fon Master, vacant since Ion perished in Mt. Zaleho. A very large role and void to fill for anyone, least of all someone that was unworthy of the position just a short time ago.

He acts like a gruff older brother for Florian, rather like one might expect Asch and Luke to if they had grown closer. In return, he relies heavily on Florian and Anise to support him; he's discovered that while he can hide it from everyone, he is surprisingly fragile inside under his jaded exterior. As a leader he's firm and uncaring for the bureaucratic process; often opting for cutting out the middle man and thinning the pockets of the Maestros and other higher-ups in the Order.

Thankfully, instead of running around being angry all the time; he's found an almost zen-like levelness that he keeps on whenever possible, but is still prone to his small outbursts if something really annoys him. These qualities have allowed him to actually form relationships with other people, and while he still is unused to it, enjoys what actually allowing himself to care for another brings.


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